Friday, November 13, 2009

I is growed up Mama

I is growed up Mama.

These are common words out of Rowan's mouth lately. She's obsessed with growing up and being able to do things "grown ups" do... but more importantly she wants big boobies, because what 3 1/2 year doesn't want big boobies?

(some times I wonder if I'm raising a stripper)

But the truth of the matter is, she is growing up. And as much as I feel I should say "I hate it!".... I don't.

I love my new little independent girl.

For starters, she doesn't constantly need my attention. She's perfectly fine going off upstairs by herself, watching a bit of TV and playing with her toys. This allows me to actually do stuff... like work out and clean... its blissful!

Her vocabulary has also soared the last month or so.... she puts out some pretty deep thoughts like "Mama, when you wanna do stuff, you gotta stuff", "Daddy has to work to buy lots of Popsicles", and "Your job is to take care of me and do laundry."

She has lessened up on her tantrums and instead chooses to use words to tell me how she feels... I still hear a lot of "I'm MAD" but its a lot better than screaming and fist throwing.

She's very into the world around her. We've developed a new little game called "Tell me a story" in which I explain how things work from where Santa Claus lives to how her stomach digests food and creates poop....all very fascinating topics no doubt!

She is very animated... her facial expressions are hysterical... She makes funny remarks and follows them up with dramatic face movements that constantly have me rolling on the floor laughing... She's going to be a character no doubt.

She LOVES talking and will pretty much tell anyone she passes exactly what's flitting through her mind in that moment. The other day she attacked a very elderly old man at the grocery store with a story about her Aunt coming for a visit. And then the mother with the baby in the carriage after him, and then shortly thereafter the check out lady. And I'm sure you all read the funny story about church last week.... I'm still giggling about that one.

Overall my baby girl has turned in to one funny, crazy and lovable little kid..... and it's soooooo much fun!