Sunday, October 4, 2009


Its been a strange fall for us. Living in the seacoast area we were surrounded by orchards, pick your own farms and a million other wonderful fall traditions such as the Portsmouth Chili cook off and the Dover Apple harvest day.

You'd think that by living up north in the woods there'd be a plethora of farmy type things to do, but its just so rural that these places are hard to find.

This made me extremely happy today when we decided to follow the pumpkin patch signs on route 104 as we headed home from church.

We found the most amazingly beautiful Farm with a quaint farm stand completely surrounded by mountains and fall foliage.

We hopped in a hay wagon and rode out into the middle of the farm field to pick us some pumpkins! Rowan chose hers by picking up all the small ones and searching for one without dirt on it (she's sooo her daddy's child) and then Barney and I chose a large one to carve closer to Halloween.

It was a great spur of the moment adventure and I'm happy to create new fall traditions up here in the mountains :)