Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grampa's Pup

About 10 years ago, my Dad's dog Moochie was murdered.

I say murdered because he got off his chain one day, meandered into man's yard, and that man shot him claiming he was bothering his own dog.

(FYI, not against the law to shoot a dog in your yard if he's "bothering" your animals, wtf??)

My Dad has been mourning the loss of that dog ever since.

This weekend he came home with an Uncle Henry's in hand talking about a 10 month old Golden Retriever in northern Maine for 250 bucks.... but it was a 6 hour drive. I was shocked to hear him speak of it because he's said he was never getting a dog again.

I knew eventually he would though... because he's a hunter and an outdoors man, and having a dog with him has always been the norm....

He had a little sparkle in his eye talking about it... and it made me happy to see him moving on.

Of course I was online within 10 minutes and after facebooking a few shout outs about puppies, found a litter about 45 minutes away. Sunday afternoon I was picking the little guy out for him (he's a bit of a hermit and doesn't handle meeting new people well).

In 3 weeks the little guy will be coming home with us... :) Rowan was very excited about picking him out, and although I've never been big on Golden's, I've got to admit the little guy is hella cute!

Here's to a few months of piddle pads, chewed up shoes, and puppy whining haha


Tia said...

that face is RIDICULOSLY cute.

yay for new puppies!

(but seriously? if someone shot MY dog? they'd better watch their back. no excuse.)

Anabelle said...

I thought my dad might kills the guy.... he got a lawyer and everything..... I think half the healing process was letting go of all his anger!

Anabelle said...

pardon the typos... i'm still working on my infusion of coffee lol