Sunday, September 27, 2009

I climbed a Mountain, because I finally could

It's no big secret how out of shape I was. Now that I'm running, climbing the stairs has become something I don't even notice, as opposed to something I dread because of how taxing it is.

So what's the next natural progression? A mountain.


Mount Cardigan is an awesome nice shorter (for NH) mountain, and its also in the next town over. So yesterday we packed up some apples and granola bars and headed on over praying the whole way that Rowan would hike it, instead of having to be carried.

She hiked the whole 3100 feet herself! Unfortunately she was so exhausted by the time we reached the summit she hitched a ride down on Daddy's shoulders... his neck is a bit sore today.

It was a beautiful climb with the gorgeous New England fall foliage starting to peek out. Best of all, it wasn't that hard.... a few months ago, I'd never have made it.

The view from the top is amazing. You can see the green mountains of Vermont, the entire White Mountain range including Mt. Washington and even down to the seacoast area, a noticeably flatter spot.