Saturday, September 5, 2009

F%$#ing A Right it was five clicks...

Hopefully you've seen Sideways so you know what that means.. I giggle every time I say it.

I thought it was a fitting title to my post concluding my Couch to 5k training, and celebrating my participation in my first ever 5k.

This morning, after an entire summer of training, I achieved my goal.... I finished the Plymouth Coop Covered Bridge 5k road race, no walking, just running.

It wasn't fast... in fact I spent most of the run keeping pace with a senior citizen, but damn that lady could move!

I finished in 43 mins 24 seconds.... (yes, that's a wicked slow mile, shush, I'm proud of myself!)

I've lost 15 pounds along the way, but lost way more inches, as the amount of muscle I've added to my legs is insane... I can feel something in them other than blubber... sweet.....

My goal now is to continue my weight loss, and eventually run a 10k. And next summer, I want to run this same race in 30 minutes :)

My hubs started the training this week and we plan on running the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving once he finishes.

Two weeks from now I'm going to run another in Portsmouth...

As Dori would say..... Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

Ready to head out!

All registered and ready to go.. with my tiny cheerleader by my side!

HOT with bad hair, but damn it I did it!!!!

Correct me if my wrong, but wasn't I the one that ran this morning?