Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've been totally MIA lately, I know.

Truth of the matter is, its warm outside, and sunny with leaves and grass and all that other good stuff, so I've been playing.

Not with myself mind you, (cuz I wouldn't blog about that)

I've been playing with little Miss Rowan who hasn't been back to school since April Vacation.

She's been whom with moi.

We spend our days searching for bugs, building fairy houses and slathering on lots of sun block.

And so, it has happened, I'm a stay at home mom. :)

And man is it a busy and demanding job.... not rought with schedules or meeting makers, but instead chaos, popsickle breaks and lots and lots of "Watch this mama's"

We move in less than 2 weeks to Northern NH. I look foward to having a large yard, and a pool for the summer.... a new swing set (if my hubs can figure out how to put it together) and lots and lots of mountain fresh air.

In the mean time, I'm gonna keep on rocking my bad self along.

later! :)


*~*Lis*~* said...

I've been planning on sending a "where the hell you been?" e-mail for days, but as you now know first hand I'M BUSY!!! :)

Good luck with the move - I hope we can still get together every once in a while, I enjoy our kinda friendship :)

Oh and if Chuck could figure out how to put our swing set together I'm sure barney can!