Monday, May 4, 2009

Images of Spring

Cute summer overalls

Purple goodness

I love love love this tree.. I have no idea what it is


Fresh Green Leaves


Katrina said...

Love the pictures! Our bushes are blooming now as well-- I love looking at them. I just cannot get enough of the warm weather...I really need to reconsider moving somewhere warmer :)

uncomplicateme said...

I think it's a magnolia tree. :) It's gorgeous!

Love Rowan's overalls! She's adorable.

Anabelle said...

haha i hate the hot heat.. i'm all about spring and fall..wish there was a place like that somewhere lol

oooh its so a magnolia.. i googled it... its so gorgeous...

haha she hates the overalls..she's now running around in her tshirt and undies lol (inside of course)