Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lazy weekend

Its been a fairly lazy weekend. Although I shouldn't really say that. Yesterday was madness.

We started the day with a cranky toddler whom was up half the night the night before. She woke up pissy and was kind enough to carry the attitude on throughout the day.

We had to get new tires put onto our truck. The old ones weren't even inspectable (accept for our super cool mechanic that will slap a sticker on it for us).

So we dropped old betty off at sears bright and early and then putz around the mall for a bit. Rowan played in the playhut there, and then it was off to my friends Elissa's for her twins bday party. (

I thought it was tough pulling a bday party together for one kiddo... try 2! God bless Elissa... i'd have drowned all my babies in the tub by now (just kidding...).

It was fun though and its always cute seeing Rowan interact with other kids.

Oh did I also mention she insisted on telling an entire room of strangers about everytime she farted??

Oh and did I also mention she monopolized the bathroom for 15 minutues while she then proceeded to poop while a very pregnant woman patiently waited in line. Poor lady.

Anyhow, after heading out of the party we went back to sears to pick up our truck. 700 dollars later supposedly it "drives so much better". Sure... whatever.

Today was more relaxed. We had church at 10, and then went to the grocery store to pick up some fruit and vegi's. Then it was nap time. (for the kid not me).

Its now 3 and she's still sleeping! Lazy child.. ahh well she must need it.

Barney and I have been snuggling on the couch watching the boob tube and eating chocolate chip cookies... if only she knew what she was missing! hahaha


*~*Lis*~* said...

was that my sister waiting? I don't know why I bothered to clean the upstairs bathroom - everyone was too lazy to use it!

Thanks for coming by the way - sorry I didn't chat much :( I feel like I neglected everyone in the living room - did you get to know my cousin at least :)