Friday, November 21, 2008

A first in a long time

Tonight, I am going out. I am even going out after my bed time! I'm headed out to Portsmouth to the movies with my BFF to watch Twilight of course, and i'm so flipping excited to spend my evening drooling over Edward Cullen.

It also happens to be the first time I am going out without hubs/kid in well, hmmmm... 2 1/2 years. I'm pretty excited... although I can't help but feel guilty. That must be some sort of Mommy reaction, and I can't seem to figure out how to shut it off. My hubs is going to have to bath the kiddo and put her to bed all by himself. I'm not to worried about him... other than having issues washing Rowan's hair without getting soap in her face, he's very competant. I'm more worried about my little Rowan. Will she survive without me? I'm sure she will, but I can see her being very sad not having mommy to put her to bed.

Ahhhh well, fuck it, she'll survive. Its not like i'm ditching her every day right?

So yeah, that's my big night. Woo hoo! (for you non mom's, trust me, someday, you'll get it)

Other than that, today I'm baking myself a cake. For alas, today is the last day I shall be in my 20's. Zoik!

I know I know, your looking up at my header and thinking..."hmmmm two thirty something's?"

I know i'm not thirty yet but I wasn't about to write "One thirsty something and one twenty something." that's just to long, so I just rounded up.

Anyhow, tomorrow we're headed up north to my parents house for an early thanksgiving. My sister is a nurse and is on call often so this was our only option.
It should be fun, I love spending time with my family, and they all love Rowan. (barney and I no longer exist in her large shadow)

Anyhoodle, I'm off! Enjoy your weekend!

ps... man does my cat small awful when she poops... its just so wrong. gag.... cough cough...gag