Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have fallen off the face of the blog land planet! I apologize! I have been so busy with life that my poor little ole blog has suffered the consequences!

I will give you a brief rundown of what has gone on the last 5 months.
1. We survived the holidays and the horridly loooooooooooong New England Winter.
2. I have started running outside again!! woo hoo!
3. We celebrated Rowan's 5th birthday, man she is growing up so fast!
4. We signed Rowan up for kindergarten... sniffles!
5. We are working on cleaning up the yard, planting gardens, and getting ready to enjoy a lovely summer.
6. I started my Masters of Elementary Education up and have been knee deep in text books and research papers.. I am loving every second of it though!

That about sums it up! I will do my best to post a few photos etc today and will try try try to start blogging again.

Hope everyone is doing well!