Monday, June 21, 2010


My BFF and I are pretty silly when we get together, so I thought I'd share these funny photos of us at Market Square day in Portsmouth, so you could giggle as us just as much as we giggle at each other.

More races, weight loss and Half Marathon training

I am in week three of my Half Marathon training now! Woo hoo!!

Part of my training involves racing events, which are always fun and challenging.

This Sunday I ran in a 4 mile run to benefit cancer research. It was a great little run but the heat was INTENSE! I lost 3 lbs in water... don't worry I chugged more down all day.

My mileage has steadily been going up which is great and now that my weight is dropping again (down almost 60 at this point) my miles are getting faster too.

Last year I ran at a 14 min pace, now I'm at about an 11. Yay for progress!

Quechee Balloon Festival

This weekend was the Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival. We went last year also and the balloons were so fun to watch.

Unfortunately this year, there were some thunder heads brewing above so they didn't launch any balloons. They did have one laying on the ground sideways filled with fans so that you could go inside, so we at least got to dd that.

The saddest part was that last year Rowan was quite afraid of the noise created by the balloons and this year she was all gun hoe about seeing them. I guess we'll have to go back again in 2011!

Either way, we enjoyed the fair ground food, saw a great band perform, and relaxed in the lush green grass of the expansive fields.

Afternoon Delight - Photo Friday

Miss Calliope asked for photos this week, concerning what we do with our afternoons. That time of day for me is usually when running, cleaning and all other chores are done, and I get to spend time with my munchkin.

So without further ado.. a montage of my afternoons...