Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Picking.....something other than our noses hehe

We've gone picking the last couple of weeks for Blueberries and raspberries.. there's nothing better than picking your own fruit!

Around here we don't have as many pick your own farms as we did back in the seacoast area, but the ones we do have are breathtakingly beautiful!

The rest of our summer has been pretty wet and rainy and cold. I hope the end of the summer makes up for it, because we're getting a bit stir crazy!

Ps the picture of the view of the mountains, was taken at the top of an old dirt road in my town, that is the valley we live in :)


KuKd Chick said...

Those are awesome, happy pictures. Nice to take a break from nose-picking once in a while.

Kar said...

Wonderful pictures! How fun to go pick berries and everyone joins in. :) Looks like you live in a very pretty area. You must show some fall pics from atop the hill with all the leaves turning this year. :)