Friday, December 5, 2008

I found some old pics today

And I just had to share

This was taken the night before my bff and I went of to college.... this was our group of friends... and it was such a sad sad night. It brings back alot of memories.... good and sad.

This is my sister and I, we were young,maybe 4 and 2... It was taken at Benson's Animal Farm on a solo trip with my Dad.... I love it... its one of my favorite childhood photos. Between the "backside" written on the back wall and my sister not being tall enough to actually fit into the frame, it just makes me laugh.

This was a pic of my girlfriends and I before heading out for Senior prom :) We all went stag, and yes I know my dress was super green but it was in 17 Magazine that year for being stylish, so plllllllllllll (that's a raspberry)

And lastly this is my 13th birthday. It was a suprise party with pizza (obviously since i'm stuffing my face with it) and all my friends and family :) Don't ya just dig my color change shirt and tight rolled pants? I sure do


Katrina said...

I can't believe how little we all were!!!! Awwwww!!!!

Anabelle said...

i know its crazy! lol i love old pictures :)